Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My New Love

So I've been humming and haaaing (not really a word) over getting a Kindle for about a year now.  Should I spend the money?  Will I use it?  Isn't better to just go to the library or buy used books and then you can loan them out to your friends, right?  Well yes, in a perfect world, of course!  I live in the real world with twin 2 year olds who don't like to be quiet and patient in a library while mommy picks out a book.  They don't like to wait aimlessly while I look at the book section at Target.  Plus where would I keep the books?  We don't have much extra storage space in our house to begin with, obvious answer: donate them.  Yes I'll add that to my list of things to do...lets see, it'll be number....85.  Yep, that'll work.  

I took the plunge and ordered the least expensive Kindle that Amazon offers and I have been crazy, head over heels in love with it since it arrived.  Its small and so light and doesn't have a bunch of extra bells and whistles, its simple.  Plus its very easy to use and buying a book is as easy as pushing one button.  I have an entire book store at my finger tips, plus an area to "store" books I would like to read once I am done with my current books (which will help me with my mommy-memory issues).  

Also, the Kindle is something just for me, its not a fun toy that my husband wants to steal away from me (like my phone).  It doesn't have any kid games on it or even any color which makes it very unappealing to my daughters.  Its all my own, a tiny little 5x8 retreat that I can slip in my purse and always have with me.  

**Amazon did not ask me to review the Kindle or even talk about it all, these are just my thoughts, but wouldn't that have been amazing?!**

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