Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple & Easy Banner

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Between a baby shower, my brother's high school graduation and two 2 year olds to chase around, its been pretty hectic and crazy around here!  I am putting my flair on my brother's graduation party by making a very simple & easy banner.  I got the idea from my good friend who was making a similar banner for a different occasion, so this isn't my original idea (even though I love it!).

Paper plates of your choice
Cardstock paper of your choice
Stencils to cut out letters & circles *I am using a die cut machine*

Step 1:
Measure the inside surface of the plate, mine measure 5.5 inches so I'll cut my circles to that size.

Step 2:
Decide how much big or small you want the letters to be, mine are 4x4 inches.

Step 3:
Glue down the circles, let dry for a few minutes
Glue down the letters

 Step 5:
You can punch holes in the paper plates so that you can string some ribbon through to hang up the banner or you can simply put some adhesive on the back of the plate (glue, double sided tape, etc) and just stick them right up on the wall.

I was pressed for time so I went ahead and stuck up my banner with double sided tape, simple, easy, affordable and a bit more personalized than something you would pick up from Target.

This is me and my little brother Joey, tonight is his ceremony, cannot wait to see him in his cap & gown with that diploma!

I hope you have fun making your own Simple & Easy Banner!

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